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Under my private Vital Health label we carry a full line of specially formulated products and single-bottle solutions. Click on the links below to view each product's label information or view the manufacturer's literature.


Single Bottle

Adrenal Boost™   ( bw literature )  PR1164
Brain Flex™   ( bw literature )  PR1185
Calm-R-Rest™   ( ce literature )  PR1171
Clean Review™   ( bw literature )  PR2158
Clearly Cranberry™   ( ce literature )  PR1108
Cold Facts + Vitamin D™   ( bw literature )  PR1116
Corti Response™   ( ce literature )  PR1127
D-Tox™   ( bw literature )  PR1193
DHEA   (bw literature )  PR1358
EstroFem™   ( bw literaturePR1149  PR1197
ƎYE Complete™   ( ce literature )  PR1135
Eye Factors™    ( bw literature )  PR1157
Go-out Plex™   PR1114
InFlamEze™   ( ce literature )  PR1128
Joint Solution Extra™   ( ce literature )  PR1198
Joint Solution Advanced
™  with Hyaluronic Acid & MSM   ( bw literature ) PR1153
Liv-R Support™   ( ce literature )  PR1152
Love Your Legs
™   ( bw literature )  PR1263
Maximum Male™   ( bw literature )  PR1189
Memory Boost™   ( bw literature )  PR1106
Muscle Dynamics™   330 gm   FA975 (new size)
NutriSilk™    ( ce literature )  PR1174
Para Response
™    ( bw literature ) PR 1137
Prost-Tech™   ( bw literature )  PR1111
Quercetin/Nettle Plus™   ( bw literature )  PR1146
Sinus Support™   ( bw literature )  PR1163
Sleepy Sleep
  ( bw literature )  PR1136
Vein Works™   ( ce literature )  PR1110
Vitamins C, E & Carotene   PR1145
Water-Away™   ( bw literature )  PR1176

Red, Red Wine™ Resveratrol Face Cream   1.5 oz   BE202
Red, Red Wine™ Resveratrol Lozenges   PR1104
Red, Red Wine™ Resveratrol Natural Soap Nut Cleanser   4 oz   BE204
Red, Red Wine™ Resveratrol Soothing Body Lotion   8 oz   BE203
 A & D Vitamins

  Beta Carotene 25,000 IU   PR120
Vitamin A 10,000 IU   PR106
Vitamin A 25,000 IU   PR112
Vitamin D 2000   PR135
Vitamin D 5000  PR123
Vitamin D 400   PR104
Vitamin D3 1000   PR115
D-3 Drops, natural lemon flavor   1 oz   PR147
Vitamins A & D   PR108
 B Vitamins

  Vitamin B-6 100mg   PR225
Vitamin B-6 200mg   PR245
Vitamin B-6 pyridoxal   PR249

B-12 5,000mcg Drops (methylcobalamin)   1 oz   PR240
Triple B-12™   90 dots   PR256
Essential Trio™   PR260
Folic Acid   PR224
Folic Acid & B-12 Drops (methylcobalamin)   1 oz   PR265
Niacin   PR212
Non-Flush Niacin   PR250
Pantothenic Acid   PR227
 B Complex   B-Complex 100 (hypoallergenic)   PR246
B-Complex 100 (continuous release)   PR230
B-Complex 50   PR200
Stress B 100 (continuous release with C-500mg)  PR239
 C Vitamins

 Esterified Vitamin C  (1,000mg continuous release Tablet)   PR326
Vitamin C (1,000mg with rose hips)   PR336
Vitamin C (
1,000mg continuous release with rose hips)   PR327
 C Complex   Super C Supreme (1,000mg continuous release plus bioflavonoids, rutin, hesperidin)   PR235
Ultimate C 500
(Esterified-Acid Free with biovfavonoids & rutin)   PR213
Vitamin C 1000 (with rose hips and bioflavonoids)   PR316
 E Vitamins  Vitamin E 400 IU d-Alpha Tocopherol   PR406

  Acidophilus 2 Billion   PR514
Betaine HCl   PR509
BioFlora™   PR526
Bromelain 1200   PR517
Charcoal Caps   PR518
Digesteze™    PR523
Odorless Garlic   PR516
Lacto Digest™   PR519
Enzyme Plus (papaya)   PR520
Super Enzymes+™  ( ce literature )   PR515s
 Multiple Vitamins

  Mega I Daily   PR619
Mega I Daily IRON-FREE   PR625

OMNI™   PR637
Prenatal w/DHA   PR632
Super Vibra-Tab   SP1084
 Calcium   Bone Supply™   PR756
Cal-Mag Plus Vitamin D   ( bw literature )  PR732
Cal-Mag Zinc   PR748
Calcium   PR737
Fizzy Cal-Min™   ( ce literature )    300/600gm   PR741
Osteo-Guard™   ( bw literature )   PR708


 Chromium G.T.F.   PR710
Iron   PR755
Magnesium   PR736
Mineral Supreme
™   PR721
Potassium   PR746
Selenium 200mcg   PR754
Strontium Bone Power™   ( ce literature )   PR738
Zinc   PR706

  Bilberry Extract   PR1246
Echinacea   PR1211
Ginkgo Biloba   PR1235
Love Your Legs™   (
bw literature )   PR1263
Milk Thistle   PR1210
Olive Leaf Plus™   PR1215
Passionflower Lozenges Everyday Stress   ( bw literature )  PR1601
Saw Palmetto Berry   PR1209


  5-HTP 100mg   PR1390
5-HTP 50mg   PR1328
Alpha Lipoic Plus CoQ10   ( ce literature )   PR1335
CoQ10 100mg   PR1361
CoQ10 50mg   PR1353
(bw literaturePR1358
Glucosamine S   PR1324
Grape Seed Extra™   PR1354
Melatonin 3mg   PR1352
Melatonin (Time Release)   ( bw literature )  PR1356
Melatonin Dots   PR1355
Memory Boost
™  PR1106
MSM 1,000mg   PR1360
MSM 2,000mg   PR1364
ThyMune Plus   SP2206
 Lipotropic Factors   Borage Oil   PR818
Flax Seed Oil   PR825
Lecithin   PR802
Lecithin (concentrated, 35%pc)   PR803
Omega 3 EPA-DHA™   ( bw literature )  PR813
 Amino Acids   Acetyl-L-Carnitine   PR950
L-Lysine 1,000mg   Sol-u-tab  PR971
L-Lysine 500mg   PR974
L-Tyrosine   PR923
Muscle Dynamics™   330 gm   FA975 (new size)
 Weight Control
  Body by Green Tea   ( ce literature )   PR1050
Carbo Smasher
   ( ce literature )   PR1020
Downsize™   PR1058
Lipo-Lite™   ( ce literature )   PR1074
 Specialty Body Care   Fem Pro™ Cream   1.5 oz   BE176
 Fitness and Athletic

 Ionic Whey Protein™   12 oz/1 kg   FA940
Muscle Dynamics™   330 gm   FA975 (new size)


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